She Rises in the Sunshine: The Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research at Columbia University

She Rises in the Sunshine: The Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research at Columbia University


Even now, surmise,
She rises in the sunshine.
There she goes…
Gwendolyn Brooks


Over the past two decades attention to the concerns of men and boys of color has generated a body of research on the challenges they face. The same cannot be said for women and girls. The Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research consists of more than fifty colleges, universities and non-profit organizations committed to studying and addressing the educational, health and social services disparities faced by women and girls of color. Columbia University became a Charter Member of the Collaborative in November 2015.

The Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research (CAETR) at Columbia University seeks to highlight the groundbreaking work being done on our campus around women and girls of color, to build capacity in order to bolster and expand existing research projects, and to support the creation of new initiatives. It also aims to support collaborative work with institutional and community partners.

In addition, the Collaborative supported a pioneering event, Black Girl Movement: A National Conference, which took place April 7-9, 2016. The conference brought together activists, educators, artists, and policy makers to address the disadvantages black girls in the United States face while also acknowledging their achievements, contributions and leadership.

Building upon this initial information gathering phase and the energy of the Black Girl Movement conference, the five year initiative, “She Rises in the Sunshine: The Collaborative to Advance Equity at Columbia University,” seeks to enhance the profile of past, present, and future research at the University and develop a dynamic and multi-faceted network that connects scholars doing this work. CAETR has three distinct but related goals: To heighten awareness of ongoing research at Columbia University, to build upon that foundation by encouraging and supporting new scholarship and teaching in this area, and to create a local and national network of scholars, activists, policy makers, and others.

Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research

The Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research is a national coalition of institutions in the United States committed to taking meaningful action to support and improve research addressing the lives of women and girls of color. The first annual report – Putting Women And Girls Of Color At The Center: Shifting The Tide Of Research Through Institutional Leadership And Sustained Investments – contain highlights of the commitments and accomplishments from each Collaborative member from November 2015-2016.

The Collaborative currently has 55 members whose combined financial commitments at their own institutions to support and produce research totals more than $75 million.The heart of the Collaborative is institution-specific commitments, allowing research by and addressing the lives of women and girls of color to advance across the country at dozens of institutions with different missions and approaches. The annual report is available here.


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Killing the Black Body

November 20, 2017

CAETR hosted a conversation and book signing with Dorothy Roberts, George A. Weiss University Professor of Law and Sociology and the Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights at the University of Pennsylvania, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her groundbreaking book, Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty.

Panelists included: Lauren Broussard, Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Candidate; Selina S. Makana, Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality Posdoctoral Fellow; ​Alonda Nelson, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies; Anthony Ureña, Doctoral Candidate of Sociology; and Michelle Knight-Manuel, Professor of Education and Associate Dean at Teachers College, who moderated the conversation.

For video from the celebration, please click here.


To learn more about CAETR or to join the mailing list please contact: caetr@columbia.edu.